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MIGHTY THEWS is a Sword & Sandals RPG for 2 or more players. One player takes the role of the Chronicler and portrays an ancient world full of wonder and peril, and the others take on the role of Players and create Heroes who explore that world and experience that wonder and peril. Together, you will craft a story of fantastic adventure in an age undreamed of.

This game uses six-sided dice (d6).

Inspired by  What’s So Cool About Outer Space? by Jared Sinclair, and What’s So Cool About Plunderlight? by G. Michael Truran of Bad Quail Games.

Also inspired by Into the Bronze, by Guilherme Gontijo; Redhack by Micah Anderson; The Bloody-Handed Name of Bronze, by Joshua A.C. Newman; Swords Without Master, by Epidiah Ravochol; and the works of Robert E. Howard.

This game was made for the What's So Cool About Jam?

CategoryPhysical game
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AuthorMonkey's Paw Games
TagsOSR, sandals, sorcery, Swords, Tabletop role-playing game


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This game is absolutely brilliant: the wound rule is great, there’s random tables dripping with barbarian goodness, great art, and the print version is lovely too.

Appreciate you!


This game is pretty great. I particularly like the rules for Wounds, the table for how you die, and the simple rules for botched spells.

For anyone on the fence about the asking price, it's substantially longer than many of the other #wscaJam entries, at about 4500 words. Lots of random tables for adventure generation, character creation, 22 concise spells, 11 monster descriptions, GMing principles, a summary of a few safety tools.

It's more of a complete game than WSCAS or Sword & Backpack, though of course that's not the *point* of those games, they're deliberately meant as starting points.