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There is no difference between the free and paid version. If you would like to support this project, the paid version can be found here.

You hold in your hands UNCONQUERED, a role-playing game. In it, one player takes on the role of Chronicler and presents a world full of peril and wonder; the others take on the role of Travelers, who describe how their characters act and react within that world. We play to find out where drama and dice may lead us.

Within this 196-page book you will find:

  • A lightweight, easy-to-run OSR d20+d6 roleplaying system based largely on rulings 
  • A completely randomized character system that allows for the creation of compelling starting points upon which to build a character
  • Tables and charts to help new and veteran Chroniclers flesh out their journeys across the Million-Million Spheres
  • The foundations of a strange and ancient world, rife with liminal space upon which to build
  • Setting guides and randomizers for creating plane-hopping die-drop hexcrawls across the Million-Million Spheres; building outward from community hubs and developing worlds full of life, color, and flavor
  • Uncertain histories, weird clothing, strange languages, unknowable technology
  • A "magick-word"-based spellcasting system with dozens of prefixes and suffixes to create wonderful and terrible spells of infinite cosmic power
  • A bestiary, and the tools to create creatures both mysterious and magickal with which to populate the Million-Million-Spheres

Physical copies available at Monkey's Paw Games!

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are there plans to have physical copies in US?

Yes! I've reached out to a few retailers. They'll be in Cave Evil soon and likely Spear Witch as well!

The background tables say 2D6, but then only have 12 results: 11-16 and 21-26.

For the first d6, to my knowledge at least, 1-3 is treated as 1 and 4-6 is treated as 2.

(2 edits)

If that were true, then I have to ask why be so complicated? Each result has an 8.33% probability, so why not just roll a 1d12?

You're assuming everyone has a d12 handy. d6's are way easier to find for folks new to rpgs

cuz the game only uses twenty- and six-sided dice, probably to match the way old school adventure games did before variable weapon damage became the norm.

you can just roll a d12 if that's your thing, imo 1d3+1d6 isn't any more complicated than fishing for different size dice each time you roll.


Please consider releasing this with live text instead of flattened images. It's impossible to search the document. If you're concerned about security, you can always encrypt it.

Beautiful! Hate to jump right in with a note, but I don't want to forget to point this out. On pg 20 it looks like the Will & Stamina section got shifted down at some point so it's bumping right up against Mounted Combat.


Would you be able to publish a version with text instead of images? I find it really hard to read the text in it's current form. I think it would be a nice improvement for accessibility.


There will be a text-only Epub version available very soon! Basically as soon as I finish cleaning up the manuscript a little.

Oh cool!


Love the game! I was wondering if there are plans to release a pdf version with bookmarks?


oh yes! I should have time to update the PDF with bookmarks in the next couple of days. thanks for the reminder!

Thank you! :)

Danial Kwan and I talk OSR - I'll be running UNCONQUERED at Breakout Con March 17th-19th in Toronto!

I am probably missing something, but Million Million Travelers and the character sheet have a section labeled "Gift" and I'm not finding a section in either handbook for that.

I think Gift refers to the special ability (e.g. Blindsight) granted by your Vocation.


This is so good. is there a paid version around? Physical copy?


Soon! It's a small team and several of us have been hit pretty hard the last few years, between COVID & isolation, but there IS a finished (prettier) layout version with the art of some INCREDIBLE artists AND a hardcover print copy in the works! Glad you've liked it <3


I'm somewhat confused - is the Loom an infinite plane and the Spheres are locations on that plane, or is it more like space and travel between Spheres is done through a ship?

the Loom is the infinite canvas upon which All-Under-Creation is woven. think of the "stuff" between it as a mist-shrouded melange of open sky and open sea, shifting seamlessly between the two, crossed by all manner of boats. the Spheres are those worlds that people live in; some entire planets, some tiny islands.

picture not a flat earth but a flat universe, with worlds as continents and space the oceans between them. if that makes sense?


Ah I see, makes sense. Another question if you can indulge me: when creating a sphere, should you roll on both the generic tables and the Sphere specific tables (Middle Kingdoms, Deep, etc), or just one or the other

Depends on how weird you want your Sphere! I really tried to lean into the techno-wizardry sword & planet of like John Carter or Barrier Peaks but that's not necessarily everyone's cup of chai. A lot of the more specific Sphere tables, particularly the Deep, lean heavily into the weird, whereas the generic tables are mostly slottable into anything.


This has to be one of the coolest books! There's so much here, tables and tables, and good solid rules. Elegant minimal design, killer character sheet! 

Is this getting a print run soon!?


 I Love this game! it so fun, and huge in it's world building. I can't wait to take a journey with some friends in this world.