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The sun is out. Smoke drifts from cookfires. Loggers nap in the shade, or dice beneath awnings on ramshackle yurts.

Nearby, raised voices. One petulant: “This path was to be cleared weeks ago!”
Another, defiant: “You ask the impossible. I need more soldiers!”

The Forest That Knows Your Name is a pointcrawl forest adventure for PINKHACK and other OSRs.

What's in it?

  • A 30-page pointcrawl adventure
  • Generators for Rumors, Encounters, Forest-Dwellers, Magic Weapons, Giants, Phantasmagoria, and Dangerous Wishes
  • A Bestiary with seventeen new Adversaries
  • Art used with permission by Charles Ferguson-Avery of Feral Indie Studio
  • Public domain art curated by Guilherme Gontijo


"fuck you.
its not an adventure
it says its a pointcrawl forest adventure. twice.
its in the adventure category
its not a pointcrawl
its not an adventure"
- Bryce Lynch

"it strikes me that the author might not have the best understanding of how Classic adventure design works while focusing on one or two of the maxims of OSR design."
-Gus L


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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This is pointcrawl forest adventure, and it's spectacular!

5 stars. Would eat here again.


An interesting strategy, including negative and contradictory reviews in your description. I commend you for it