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Intruders! is a complete retroclone of the 1974 edition of The World's Most Recognizeable Role-Playing Game, complete with minor adaptations and quality-of-life updates for a new generation of Old School Revival adventure role-playing game enthusiasts.

This is an ashcan; there will be several changes made to this document (including cover art).


  • Fighting-Man and Cleric character levels up to 10, and Magic-User levels up to 16
  • Complete randomized encounter charts
  • Updated and extensive hex fill procedure
  • Weapon alternate damage tables
  • Over 350 monster bestiary
  • Creative commons
  • An extensive miscellanea section of dungeon dressing and common flora and fauna
  • 200 pages of content total

UPDATE 04/27/23: Need an adventure? It Came From Below! is a level zero funnel dungeon for 4-10 players. Compatible with Intruders! or any old-school revival adventure role-playing game.

Something evil stirs beneath the sewers of Malnica! While the entire Duchy of Berezova prepares for the Feast of St. Wladimir, a group of unsuspecting villagers prepares to fight for their lives! Taken off the streets and dragged into the fetid netherworld below, these rag-tag heroes must brave fiendish traps and foul monsters, lest they find themselves the main course at a nightmarish banquet!

UPDATE 04/26/23: Very minor update, adding in level zero player characters. Also included: a pair of compatability logos in SVG!


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ashcan 1.1.pdf 4 MB
ashcan 1.1 - singles.pdf 4 MB


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Heyho, love this game! Nice clean prsentation and awesome monsters. I started running a campaign and 4 sessions in, I do have some feedback. Some small errors or parts that were a bit confusing. I can post' em here or just reach out if you are interested.

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Is it appropriate to post formatting feedback here?

BTW - been reading this quite a bit with a lot of time spent with work-related travel. Very good stuff.

Fungi, Smokestack on page 126 is not bolded


This is a gift for me! I was hoping for something like this. I've been reading your posts and reviews lately and while reading your review for S&W, it made me wish to see your own version of the 1974 game.


Will we ever see an optional thief class? I know its a clone so I can make my own, but still interested


Unlikely! I am Philosophically Opposed to thief as a class (IMO everybody is a thief). I may write/include Thief Options for other classes, though, now that you mention it.


I figure maybe since everybody is a thief (like in Conan), everybody gets the Thief options/traits.


This is rad as hell