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A bestiary & treasure book for UNCONQUERED or other sword & planet games.

Fiends & Fortunes is slowfunding now! Back to receive updated PDFs as it develops, at a reduced price. Full details below.

What follows is a compendium of dangerous adversaries and such treasures as might be found in the dark and dangerous places of the Million-Million Spheres. Violence is, in general, stacked against the Players: enemies are plentiful, weapons are expensive, wounds take time to heal, and every fight might be their Traveler’s last.

Greed is, in general, among the most dangerous of adversaries the Players might face: valuable items are often large and heavy, secured away in difficult-to-reach locations, esoteric enough that a buyer is not immediately obvious, and in most cases kept sealed away for a reason.

To that regard: If the Players do not wish to take a few risks, their characters should stay “home” and become shopkeepers or farmers.

Fiends & Fortunes is a 244-page special reference work for UNCONQUERED or other science-fantasy and sword & planet tabletop role-playing adventure games, adding new adversaries to overcome and new treasures to obtain.

The Book Includes:

  • 170 new adversaries inspired by classic monsters and Mesopotamian myth
  • 220 new magickal artefacts, weapons, armor, rings, tablet fragments, and magickal miscellanea
  • 50+ new and strange currencies and sundry goods to discover, trade, barter, borrow, or steal
  • Art by Charlotte Laskowski and Katrin Dirim

Requires UNCONQUERED, or your sword & planet adventure game of choice.

Why Not Kickstarter?

Many reasons!

Slowfunding and pre-orders are both less stressful and more flexible method of crowdfunding projects. Without a hard deadline or a risk of complete failure, there's a greater chance of projects being finalized - on a much more creator-friendly timeline. 

Fiends & Fortunes is in active development. Buying in gets you the ashcan version and every subsequent update at a reduced price. Currently there's just the one funding goal - for interior art - but depending on how the project develops, there might be more.

$1,600 USD: Interior Art

If we reach $1,600 USD I'll be able to commission interior art by Katrin Dirim! I also have a few artists in mind; announcements TBD.

What about physical copies?

There will be physical copy pre-orders, set up through the Monkey's Paw Games webstore. Physical copy availability is going to be dependant on reaching our funding goal for interior art.


UNCONQUERED is a weird science-fantasy sword & planet adventure game published by Monkey's Paw Games. Kickstartered in 2020, UNCONQUERED combines Into the Odd's stripped-down and fast-paced mechanisms with 1st edition AD&D's breadth and depth and draws heavy inspiration from the classic pulp sci-fantasy works of Clark Ashton Smith, C.L. Moore, Fritz Leiber, Michael Moorcock, E.R. Edison, Michael Moorcock, Edgar Rice Burroughs and Robert E. Howard.

Monkey's Paw Games

Monkey's Paw Games is a small press publishing imprint and retailer based in southern Ontario, Canada. You can find a full range of physical copies of Monkey's Paw Games titles as well as similar small-press, self-published tabletop role-playing games available at our webstore.

The Team


05/04/23: Katrin Dirim is joining the project and doing interior art! Here's some of Katrin's previous art, done for UNCONQUERED:

04/30/23: A teaser of the cover art Charlotte is cooking up!


Buy Now$20.00 USD or more

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Development log


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So great, everything I read past inside sounds fun to play and easy to port into whatever system.  Top quality as usual

Thank you!


Best of luck!

Appreciate it!


Just wracked my brain for a while trying to remember the name of that beautiful RPG book I need to buy only to find that a new book is in the works. Was this actually just announced a couple hours ago? If the design of this book is halfway as tasteful as the core, I'm gonna be throwing in my money once my bills dry up a touch.

Can we expect preview pages soon? I'm already sold; just can't wait

Some preview pages for the PDF are up AND the full text (text only HTML and PDF) is available as a demo! There will be some more previews and such as the project funds further!