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This is a role-playing game (RPG), which is a conversation between players to create a shared world. In it, one player takes the part of the Chronicler and controls that world and the wonderful perils and perilous wonders within, while the other players take on the roles of characters to journey through that world and experience those wonders and perils. This particular role-playing game was designed to be played through mailed correspondence, though the framework allows for whatever your imagination can apply it to.

What you encounter within the Spheres and the liminal spaces between them is up to you - there are no permissions to be found here, only foggy shapes and barest suggestions by which those worlds and the people within them might be developed.

The contents of this tome, much like the contents of the universe, are mostly lies.

Contains Within:

  • Simple rules for running a level-0 funnel across a mystical landscape
  • 36 Backgrounds to be used in your Chain Mail games, or with Troika! or PINK HACK


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Discovered you through the Happy Jacks RPG podcast, and the character descriptions are beyond the best.  I did find a few grammatical errors (spelling mostly; punctuation is still largely a mystery to me):

Moon Witch *rarely tire

Questing Knight *calisthenics

Lost Giant *never seen hair like yours, *Flying

Clone Technician *it’s a Union job

Bone-Worker *specialized

White Ape *but for a myriad of reasons (could be "...but for a myriad of indigestible snack cakes posing as 'healthy alternatives'...." for all I know)


I love this. I love all the awful people in the backgrounds and how you roast them.